Warehouse Management


•As a specialised SAP WM and SCM company, AddonSAP has a long, successful number of WM project implementations. Being aware of the complexity and variation found in a Warehouse Management project we have developed a series of tools and products over SAP that will ease our Customers the fit of the technology to its actual WM processes.


•Our main aim is to provide a simple and intuitive solution, improving the efficiency

of the resources and being at the same time precise in the execution.


•The outcomes that we achieve in our WM projects are:
    •Increase in the efficiency of the Warehouse
    •Increase in the resources productivity
    •Improved reporting
    •Reduced uncertainty and better decisions making
    •Better service levels in our new customers



Mobile operations


•As specialised SAP WM company we do have a mobile (RF) solution for the warehouse operations. This product, the RFADDON, allow the warehouse

personnel to be self-sufficient. It differentiates from the SAP standard because no action is required for the user to get assigned to the next work operation. The system assigns automatically any new created work task (Transport order) to an available resource. This new assignment is automatically send to the resource screen without any  manual action involved.


   –The RFADDON has also a Pick to Voice solution totally integrated with SAP, no middleware is required.


   –The RFADDON, allow the user to choose between different screen styles, thus personalizing for each customer the RF screens layout. Also, in order to improve

the accessibility, we have created a specific logon transaction with different logon options.


•Our mobile solution exceed the walls of the warehouse. We have RF solutions for equipment management, equipment calibration, production notification, plant maintenance operations, quality management operations, shop floor operations, etc.




•The SCM is a complex chain where lots of parties take part. Our large experience in projects teach us that many times the competitive advantage lies in the integration and cooperation capacity between the different parties.


•We have an in-depth experience and knowledge of the different ways of connectivity (between different parties or between applications of the same party) that SAP offers: SAP PI, EDI, Idocs, WebGui, AdobeForms, RFC, connectivity to MES or LIMS systems, direct connectivity to robots, scales, Pater-Nosters, automatic Warehouses, crane-bridges, SAP Mii.


•In addition to the connectivity, Visibility is also a key point in the control and management of any SCM. SAP offers also a solution to that need, the SAP Event Manager. 


Reporting and analysis


•To be able to manage a Supply Chain is not enough to have an state-of-the-art technology but to have a good data-mining platform.


•The AddonSAP reporting provides:


   –On-line situation of each process.

   –Complete analysis of the results of each activity at all levels.


•The reporting we deliver to our customers take advantage of the majority of the SAP  tools: BI, Business Objects and Info systems. We provide of structured KPI’s, flexible reporting, control boards, etc.